Linda Ikeji

Risen from the Ashes Nigeria’s Highest Paid Blogger Linda Ikeji

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your blog make you money?

Imagine sitting at the top of your game and your blog being one of the highest paid in the world? What an achievement that would be.

One woman has managed to achieve this goal and that one woman is Linda Ikeji, a fashion model and blogger of the site www.lindaikej.blogspot.com.

She has earned herself a name in the August edition of Forbes Africa as Nigeria’s highest paid blogger, and recently wrote an article titled “Beauty, Brains and the Business of Blogging” where she explains to her fans her trials and tribulations in the business world as not only a blogger but especially as a female living in Nigeria, Africa.

Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji started her venture into blogging in 2007 as like most of us who blog she wanted to share with the world hobbies and activities she was interested in.

For some bloggers they love to share their enjoyment of reading with book reviews, others love cooking so have recipe and cooking blogs and Linda Ikeji loved fashion as being a model it came with the territory as of course we all know that you can’t be a model and hate fashion, the two practically go hand in hand with each other.

The Nigerian model and blogger Linda Ikeji has managed to successfully find her way into the homes of many women across the nation and has been interviewed by a number of different news outlets including the ever so famous BBC where she has been exclaimed as one of Nigeria’s top bloggers and a leading role model to the young and fashionable women in today’s society.

Especially that of Africa where as the internet and the digital world become more and more hugely popular and recognisable many are using it as their launching platforms as a way to share their news and views on topics that they find relevant instead of taking the original forms of media like newspapers etc, which unfortunately as the times are changing are becoming a thing of the past.

linda ikeji

Linda Ikeji at BBC London Interview. Courtesy BBC

As a role model to teenage women, Linda Ikeji’s own site www.lindaikeji.blogspot.com attracts them as it focuses on all the things that teen girls love like from News and Events.

Just recently Linda Ikeji posted a blog about how she was chosen to be part of an American Government funded program called “The Visitors Exchange Program” as proven by her immediate successes as one of Nigeria’s biggest names.

Just to show how popular Linda Ikeji’s website is this particular post received 180 comments to blog posts about Entertainment including a recent post about musician SNA-Z and his new music video “Jo Dada” which though it only received 12 comments, just imagine the amount of publicity that one would achieve just by featuring prominently on Linda Ikeji’s website.

What Success Has Her Blog Brought Her

For those Fashion lovers she has the latest in fashion outfits, advice and of course modelling tips.

Just imagine readers, what kind of inspirational role model Linda Ikeji can be to you and me as she started blogging in 2007 and now in a span of five years she has risen to top of the blogging food chain has come on, one of Nigeria’s most prominent names and earned a spot as the highest paid blogger in Nigeria and the most amazing thing Is that

A) she is a women and

B) all this came from doing what she loved which shows that when something is your true passion, it can really take you places if you just believe in yourself and motivate yourself to achieve beyond your wildest dreams.

The success linda’s blog has brought her is in no doubt a challenge to the ladies out there who believe the only way to succeed in life is to rely on a man to fend for their needs.

This is not to say those who currently have such a lifestyle is in the wrong but integrity matters.

When a lady looses her integrity, there’s absolutely nothing else left for her hence why there are so many news of ladies being abused by men all over the world all because of what they stand to gain.

As a result of her success, many ladies even men have started a blog in the bid of replicating her success.

Some have been quite successful and others not so. But the truth is, there’s success elsewhere beyond blogging.

Because it worked for Linda doesn’t mean it’ll work for others.

This world is a global village. Everyone has a slice of success if you’re willing to have your share and what better time than now when the internet has brought different opportinites to evryone.

All it takes is having a dream, stay focused, make the neccessary sacrifices and above all, with God’s input, there’s no stopping you.

Here is a picture of what Linda’s success has brought her:

Linda with her 2011 Infinity FX 35

Linda with her 2011 Infinity FX 35

The Value Of Linda Ikeji’s Blog Traffic

Ok fellas, we all ask ourselves this same question when we read a story on her blog. This is actually simple and i’m very delighted for Linda’s ingenious efforts on her blog.

For any business to succeed online, your success depends on traffic.

In Internet Marketing, content is king.

If you have quality content and engaging contents on your website/blog, you are bound to have repeat visitors to your website. Having traffic is a part of the mix but monetizing the traffic is where the money comes from.

Linda’s blog has been able to get huge traffic on a daily basis and she has being monetizing this traffic.

Congratulations to her for that. Well placed paid adverts from companies in Nigeria that i believe pay her over six figures a month.

Well placed google adsence that will make her between five to six figures monthly in dollars.

The Google adsense assumption is baced on the amount of traffic that hits her blog at the end of each month.

Here is a picture from sitemeter that does justice to that:

Daily Statistics of Visitor to Linda Ikeji's Blog

Daily Statistics of Visitor to Linda Ikeji’s Blog

According to statscrop, her blog ranks #74,088 in the world. With a Google Page Rank of 4, consistent ad placement and 174,310 daily pageviews, Linda Ikeji is fast rising to becoming one of the rich young woman millionaire in Africa.

Definately right now she’s one of the richest single, sexy lady in Nigeria.  Hopefully she will continue to keep her head up high and keep being a role model to all ladies in Nigeria and Africa alltogether.

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